Immediately – right now, if not sooner!

I’m a born procrastinator. I need time to think things through. “Immediately” is not a word that appears often in my working vocabulary. It occurs twice and insistently in the text from today’s reading in Mark’s gospel.  Four men instantly drop their work to go around with one who has just taken up the baton of hisContinue reading “Immediately – right now, if not sooner!”

Thoughts on Current Political Discourse

Today I am distracted by the Clinton/Trump debate. It’s running in the background while I attend to some other desk chores. Political discourse tends to glaze my eyes these days – we’ve had so much that is disappointing in our own wide brown land. A lot of people here ask what business is it ofContinue reading “Thoughts on Current Political Discourse”

The power of words

Our morning paper’s lead story covers the Arizona shooting spree during which Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, was critically injured. It was Sheriff Dupnik’s comment that caught my eye – “the anger, the hatred, the bigotry that goes on in this country is getting to be outrageous.” He was referring to an increasingly vitriolic political debate thatContinue reading “The power of words”

What do I think of this…?

Doubting Thomas strikes again and I am caught on the horns of a dilemma. As an Easter person, I would dearly love to hear political leaders who also claim to be Easter people spell out the rationale of their party policies and how they line up as practical expressions of the reign of YHWH inContinue reading “What do I think of this…?”

Compulsory Income Management

This morning’s article in Eureka Street scratches an irritating itch. On behalf of my local church, I receive occasional calls to help out families on hard times. My training has me quickly assessing the level of need, its genuineness and the appropriate response. Often it’s the choice between organising a food parcel or accompanying theContinue reading “Compulsory Income Management”

Movie Review: Frost/Nixon

I was in my early twenties during the Nixon years, and being half a world away, was only vaguely aware of the implications of the Watergate scandal. Thirty years later, having viewed Frost/Nixon, I recognise having gained a certain amount of understanding through hindsight.  The film takes some dramatic license as it describes some behind the scenesContinue reading “Movie Review: Frost/Nixon”

Does green have a dark side?

I occasionally post “sustainable energy” news clips to the PeaceChurch mailing list, particularly where the church in Australia is adding something to the debate. Responses are inevitably mixed – no less earlier this week when I posted the following: Some 40 religious leaders (including Churches of Christ, as well as leaders from Muslim, Jewish, Hindu,Continue reading “Does green have a dark side?”

Sorry Day Eve

Tomorrow is a historic day for Australia. At long last, after much political soul searching and hand wringing, Federal Parliament, through its new Prime Minister, will say the word “sorry” to this land’s first peoples. In this context “sorry” is a power word. It has strong potential for unblocking the process for healing and self-realisation,Continue reading “Sorry Day Eve”

Polling Day Approaches

I have not known any previous Federal Election campaign to curry the level of involvement of churches and other religious organisations as this one. The amount of electioneering material that has crossed my desk on this occasion is staggering – all encouraging me to use my influence as a church leader to raise awareness ofContinue reading “Polling Day Approaches”

State of emergency ?!?

At long last, there is some acknowledgment from our elected leaders that remote aboriginal communities are in urgent need of support and help. National debate rages over the form this is taking. At its worst it looks like a sledgehammer approach to communities that are already fragile and vulnerable. At its best it enacts aContinue reading “State of emergency ?!?”