Advent addresses the Sterling Housing Scandal

This reflection was delivered today at the Canterbury Classics Men’s Group at St Anselm’s Anglican Parish, Kingsley, WA. Let me begin by acknowledging the people of the Noongar-Whadjuk nation and their custodianship of the land on which we gather. I pay respect to their elders past, present and future. Thank you for inviting me toContinue reading “Advent addresses the Sterling Housing Scandal”

Today is All Saints Day

One of the great things about absorbing an ecumenical spirit over a lifetime is the capacity to draw from streams of Christian tradition that are other than my own. My tribe within the Christian family has a very simple, lean, and adaptable loose-on-the-ground outlook, influenced strongly by the 19th century Second Great Awakening of theContinue reading “Today is All Saints Day”

Standing on the shoulders of those gone before

Responding to prompts to begin writing down my memoirs, I’ve begun to gather the scattered anecdotes of my forebears’ pedigrees. After all, I carry something of their influence and makeup in my very bones. As I rummage through boxes of diagrams, letters, photos and reference works, what I have been discovering is a theme thatContinue reading “Standing on the shoulders of those gone before”

A West Aussie Hero Shows the Way

I just spent a weekend as a guest of the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart (the Joeys of Mary McKillop fame) at their retreat house in Shoalwater, Western Australia. I was spending time with a peer group that meets for mutual growth and accountability. While there I became aware of the nearContinue reading “A West Aussie Hero Shows the Way”

A Christmas reflection on a Senior Housing Crisis

This is a sermon requested by a church following the collapse of a rent-for-life scheme that targeted senior citizens, mostly in Western Australia. A public eighteen month long campaign for redress continues. As participants in this struggle, Jenny and I shared these reflections today at the Mount Hawthorn Community Church. It is but one ofContinue reading “A Christmas reflection on a Senior Housing Crisis”

Rocky Road

Matthew 16:13-20 goes bush Fishing, sinking, flailing, drowningBlustering, flustering, arguing, clowningSometimes trusting, oft with a lurch – On this rock Christ builds his church. Setting out with Christ to walk his wayRecognising that our faith can sway,Devoted to grow and serve and search –On this rock Christ builds his church. Some keys and a roosterContinue reading “Rocky Road”

Getting wet feet

Matthew 14:22-33 My Dad knew a bloke who could teach me to swimMy seven year self set off feeling grimThis whole new experience filled me with doubtNevertheless, togs and towel after school I set out. The Port Canal was the place where we musteredA small group of kids and a bloke where we clusteredHe hadContinue reading “Getting wet feet”