Eighth Day of Christmas

The eighth day of Christmas coincides with the first day of the New Year on the Gregorian calendar. In Christian symbolism, coincidentally, it stands for resurrection, regeneration and new beginnings (eight people not only survived the Great Deluge, but represent humanity’s new start.) All this in eight maids a-milkin’! Eighth day of ChristmasExit old, inContinue reading “Eighth Day of Christmas”

On the eleventh day of Christmas … Auld Lang Syne

The gift of connection. The final days of Christmas coincide with New Year celebrations and reflections. As the calendar turns over to the new year, Robert Burn’s Auld Lang Syne rings out through the gathered crowds. It is a song of connection and Christmas is about God’s ultimate gift of connection in dwelling amongst us inContinue reading “On the eleventh day of Christmas … Auld Lang Syne”

On the eighth day of Christmas … a fresh start

Why is New Year’s Day so evocative of lists to improve and enhance our personal and communal living? Life is comprised of cycles, and somehow, deeply embedded in our collective psyche, a New Year (always capitalised!) marks that part of the cycle where we take a deep breath and start all over again. The giftContinue reading “On the eighth day of Christmas … a fresh start”

Three New Year Symbols

Scarcely had the New Year started to roll across the world’s last continent  than we on the first one were returning from a New Year’s Day service at Wesley Uniting, Perth. This is where we usually go when I have a Sunday off… it’s only a 15 minute drive, far enough away to feel we’veContinue reading “Three New Year Symbols”

A New Year’s Resolution awaiting fulfilment…

A bit of bush doggerel for a job I have to get done… I sit by the fountain on New Year’s Day; the bricks shimmer and shine in burning heat. Through the parched bowls the leaves swirl and sway; no streams of water – the pump is beat! Beneath the cover the water is brackish;Continue reading “A New Year’s Resolution awaiting fulfilment…”