Listening to the Voice

You’re the voice, try and understand itMake a noise and make it clear, oh, woah– John Farhham Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says a referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament will be held before December 2023.– ABC News Image by Thomas Wolter from Pixabay A friend observed that there’s not much point to a VoiceContinue reading “Listening to the Voice”

Prodding the Muse

An urge to scrawlCalls from deep withinRiding waves of ennuiOver the will to begin!Something stirsThrough my fog ofIndolenceCarpe Diem! Speaking in HaikusTo the one who sleeps and dreams Prodding the poet CinquainPrecise, disciplinedChallenging, digging, questingPulsing, poetic, pulchritudinous, promiseElucidation DiamanteIce-cold sharpSparkles entices attractsCarbon baseball jewel caratShapes cuts slicesClear lucidGem A couplet to awaken the poetWho isContinue reading “Prodding the Muse”

Blogging about this Blog

Image by Sophie Janotta from Pixabay That lull in the lazy week between Christmas and New Year invites a somewhat indolent review about all sorts of things – including this blog’s “on again/off again” appearance. I’ve just finished messing with some WordPress themes to sharpen its look. I’m still faced with the question “What isContinue reading “Blogging about this Blog”

Advent Gifts Unwrapped – foreboding joy

Well, there they are – Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love!Perhaps the most challenging has been Joy, associated yesterday with the Gospel of Matthew’s focus on troubled Joseph’s angelic visitation commanding him to proceed with his betrothal to the strangely pregnant Mary. Thus the introduction of BrenĂ© Brown’s phrase “foreboding joy” – the sense that yes,Continue reading “Advent Gifts Unwrapped – foreboding joy”

COVID – the second journey

Half-way through self-enforced isolation, this is proving a more interesting journey than the first (about nine months ago). More aches, more sleep, more sookiness. But today seems to be turning a corner – energy returning, focus longer lasting, aches subsiding. Glad I qualified for the antivirals – they’ve certainly kicked in. What might a suitableContinue reading “COVID – the second journey”

Measuring the lifestream

I’ve reached the stage in life where one is advised to monitor one’s blood pressure. The ancients viewed the red fluid coursing through our bodies as the source of life – a lifestream as it were. It’s something to contemplate as one slips on the cuff and listens to the whirr of the pump.It deservesContinue reading “Measuring the lifestream”

Passing the Piece

The church service act of “passing the peace” had a different slant as we exchanged clay tokens resembling doves. These had been created by the family of those conducting the service. My “dove” was decidedly different – it looked like a hybrid of some kind of bird and my country’s unique monotreme – the platypus.Continue reading “Passing the Piece”