9 months!

That’s how long it has been since I’ve scrawled on this blog. Facebook and, to a lesser extent, Twitter, have seen more regular utterances during this time. Why? Perhaps a bit more immediate. I am usually reacting to or commenting on a stimulus that appears on social media. Blogging, for some unknown rationale in myContinue reading “9 months!”

The department store era is over

The department store era is over. Hmmm. Started off in the electroplating industry when everyone wanted there stuff chromed. That era has gone. Moved into department store retail,  and the end of this era is now pronounced. But I was only there a short while before training for my life’s work – local church ministryContinue reading “The department store era is over”

Returning from the blogging desert…

I discreetly upload this bookmark to acknowledge an urge to emerge from the blogging desert. Life events and preoccupations (including computer crashes) have seen this blog vacant for a while. The frantic blogaday of 2011 gave away to blog no day for several months in 2012 – a spectacular promise of fireworks that fizzled outContinue reading “Returning from the blogging desert…”

This theme just asked me what I’m up to!

I’m actually trying out some more themes. The green one was a bit hard on the eyes and the one I’ve just changed from was far too busy. WordPress has a number of freebies but I’ll shell out some $$$ if it seems like a good idea. This one appeals to me – easy toContinue reading “This theme just asked me what I’m up to!”

Life happens…

… looks like postaday has gone out the window! It’s over a week since I’ve posted anything on my wordpress blog. I guess this eliminates me from whatever trophy or medal was to be awarded come December 31. Even though there was a sheer multiplication of immediate and insistent preoccupations and layered interruptions that interferedContinue reading “Life happens…”

Distraction Free Writing | The Daily Post at WordPress.com

WordPress, the patron of those of us who consented to be locked into writing something on our blogs everyday for 2011, suggests a range of tools that help prevent being disturbed while writing: Distraction Free Writing | The Daily Post at WordPress.com. I confess my distractions are not of the nature described in the article –Continue reading “Distraction Free Writing | The Daily Post at WordPress.com”

Maintaining “Postaday” while on leave

My minders may be fuming right now. “We told him he had to take his leave and he’s still writing on his blog!” Relax, minders! This was written yesterday, as were the rest of the posts that follow this week. I’m using that cool feature in WordPress that embargoes  posts for release at the date and timeContinue reading “Maintaining “Postaday” while on leave”

WordPress smiles upon me…

How good is this? The only day I couldn’t post because of no access to ISP server at my end, I post a retrospective post today – daring postaday2011  to include it without penalty – then, while reading my email backlog, I come across this unsolicited gift of grace from WordPress… Everyone gets a passContinue reading “WordPress smiles upon me…”

Surviving without internet (yesterday’s post!)

Easy-peasy – opportunity to clear the desk and the other backlogs. Let me just clear some meeting dates first – uh, no access to calendar. Well, how about ordering that printer ink that’s due – oh, can’t logon to supplier. OK, I need to get that info on the solar panels – darn, web pageContinue reading “Surviving without internet (yesterday’s post!)”