This theme just asked me what I’m up to!

I’m actually trying out some more themes. The green one was a bit hard on the eyes and the one I’ve just changed from was far too busy. WordPress has a number of freebies but I’ll shell out some $$$ if it seems like a good idea. This one appeals to me – easy toContinue reading “This theme just asked me what I’m up to!”

If weeks had a theme…

… this one would be “breaking through.” a vestige of human decency broke through when the High Court decided against the legitimacy of Australia’s “people trading” deal with Malaysia. the annual Uniting Church School of Ministry considered scholarly data that pointed to where spiritual growth was “breaking through” globally in unexpected quarters and were confrontedContinue reading “If weeks had a theme…”

Fooling around with themes…

It must be a sign of the Monday blah’s. A busy weekend capped off with a burst hot water system leaves one in  the “spaced out” zone and difficult to focus on anything. Preparation work sits on my desk thumbing its nose at me. I just stare at it uncomprehendingly. Only one thing for itContinue reading “Fooling around with themes…”

Saving puppies – saving the world

A Peter Singer inspired question pops up in the WordPress postaday stimulus today: “An out of control train is about to run over a pile of happy puppies. You are standing at the control switch and can pull the lever to direct the train onto a different track, saving their lives. But that other trackContinue reading “Saving puppies – saving the world”

Pressing another challenge

If you want to try out a promising exercise project, click on the link. I recently remarked that regularly completing “postaday”, challenging as it is, is easier than trying to maintain an exercise routine. Well, seems like someone overheard, ‘cos the WordPress mob want us to run 5km on April 12th. Seems like all their tech-headsContinue reading “Pressing another challenge”