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Hyde Park, Perth, Western Australia.

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If you want to try out a promising exercise project, click on the link. I recently remarked that regularly completing “postaday”, challenging as it is, is easier than trying to maintain an exercise routine. Well, seems like someone overheard, ‘cos the WordPress mob want us to run 5km on April 12th. Seems like all their tech-heads are instigating the challenge and inviting the blogging community to join in. Seeing as I’ve been procrastinating about using a recently acquired tome called Perth’s Best Bush, Coast & City Walks, their challenge has created a minor stirring within. On the dignified side of 60, I decline to run the 5km, but I will walk it and even deign to begin a regular series of routes – easy around here with undulating and flat areas. MapMyWalk has enough geeky features to keep things interesting, so I’ll fossick around in my desk drawer, extract the pedometer, and start giving it a shot. After all, temperature is down to a pleasant range of 32-34 º C these days.