When Perfect Ain’t Good Enough

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus calls on his listeners to “be perfect, even as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Some early Christian thought, however, was swimming in thick Greek philosophical soup, which understood “perfection” after the manner of Plato – there is a perfect idea of which the things of this world, includingContinue reading “When Perfect Ain’t Good Enough”

Easter Memoirs: Easter Sunday

Any time after Saturday’s sunset, minds and rites have turned towards marking the Resurrection, the final act of the Easter Triduum. Whether it’s a watch service around a bonfire, a joyful lighting of the Holy Fire at midnight, a gathering on a lake shore to watch a sunrise or the bells and whistles of aContinue reading “Easter Memoirs: Easter Sunday”

Easter Memoirs: Holy Saturday

The second day of the Triduum. Nothing much happens. It is the Sabbath when all work ceases. Before Friday’s sunset, the body of Jesus has been hurriedly removed and laid in a borrowed tomb. No anointing or dressing can take place until after Saturday’s sunset, although the practical light of Sunday’s dawn suggests a moreContinue reading “Easter Memoirs: Holy Saturday”

Easter Memoirs: Good Friday

Good Friday did not always enjoy the reflection it deserved in my early awareness. In my youth, there was the distraction of Easter camps and sundry other diversions. Lenten preparatory practices were not part of our tradition. In ministry, of course, the responsibility for Easter services had me looking across the broader Christian tradition forContinue reading “Easter Memoirs: Good Friday”

Easter Memoirs: Maundy Thursday

Having run up a few decades, most of them in pastoral ministry, I have a few Easters to look back on. I have experienced many repetitions of this high season of the Christian story, beginning with participation in my own Restorationist tradition which, in my childhood and youth, did not highlight the seasons to theContinue reading “Easter Memoirs: Maundy Thursday”

An Ode to a Vegemite Sandwich

I love a Vegemite sandwich!It’s always set to pleasewhen spread on multigrain breadand a nice big slab of cheese. The red and yellow labelBeckons from the pantry shelf.It stands out from all other thingsAnd whispers “Come, help yourself!” Twisting off the yellow lidI gaze into the deep black sea;A subtle whiff of dark delightEvokes shiversContinue reading “An Ode to a Vegemite Sandwich”

A Welcome Spurned

There has been an awkward interlude to the current Obama visit. Tour organisers are in damage control following their prevention of a scheduled and traditional “Welcome to Country” by an indigenous elder. Apologies and repairs are underway and the welcome is now happening at a subsequent event. This is the day the Prime Minister isContinue reading “A Welcome Spurned”

Duty of Care – a Lament

Well, what a week it’s turned out to beRobodebt, cardinals, a long highway searchLoading lots of disquiet on our TVLooks like duty of care’s fallen off the perch. Old institutions seem to be crumbling downTheir trustworthiness once worth more than goldThere used to be a value held all over townA duty of care that couldContinue reading “Duty of Care – a Lament”

Sunset at Burns Beach

Bloganuary does have a final question as it slowly sinks in the West: “Where is the best place to watch the sunset near you?” Free to share and use courtesy of starlight-aurora.deviantart.com A picture is worth a thousand words. Perth nestles on the west-facing coastline that defines the border of Western Australia and the Indian Ocean.Continue reading “Sunset at Burns Beach”