Duty of Care – a Lament

Well, what a week it’s turned out to beRobodebt, cardinals, a long highway searchLoading lots of disquiet on our TVLooks like duty of care’s fallen off the perch. Old institutions seem to be crumbling downTheir trustworthiness once worth more than goldThere used to be a value held all over townA duty of care that couldContinue reading “Duty of Care – a Lament”

A teacher’s lament

I have hung around enough educators to know that a teacher’s lot is not always a happy one. Today’s lament in Isaiah 50:4-9a probably resonates with a few. The teacher here is different, however. It is a collective group – the people of Israel in exile aware of their usurped role as those chosen toContinue reading “A teacher’s lament”

Thoughts on Current Political Discourse

Today I am distracted by the Clinton/Trump debate. It’s running in the background while I attend to some other desk chores. Political discourse tends to glaze my eyes these days – we’ve had so much that is disappointing in our own wide brown land. A lot of people here ask what business is it ofContinue reading “Thoughts on Current Political Discourse”

Fire aftermath

LAMENT HOPE These two signs hang on the fence surrounding the charred remains of our local shopping centre. One expresses the deep sorrow of the community, the other is a pointer to the community spirit that will carry us ¬†on. Both lament and hope need to find expression and it is my desire that weContinue reading “Fire aftermath”