A teacher’s lament

I have hung around enough educators to know that a teacher’s lot is not always a happy one. Today’s lament in Isaiah 50:4-9a probably resonates with a few. The teacher here is different, however. It is a collective group – the people of Israel in exile aware of their usurped role as those chosen toContinue reading “A teacher’s lament”

The one who marches out of step…

… may be the only one who is in step! Isaiah 50:4-9a is one of the so-called Suffering Servant songs. Appropriated by the Early Church to describe the Passion of Jesus, it initially describes the despair and desolation¬†of the people of Israel as they are led off in chains into Babylonian exile. ¬†Suffering the indignityContinue reading “The one who marches out of step…”