“Glass Half-Empty” Thomas

His expectations were always realistic. He was the one who led the disciples to accompany Jesus back to Lazarus’ funeral, fully realising the dangers and risk of arrest. He was the one who challenged Jesus about “knowing the way.” He wasn’t there when the risen Jesus appeared to the disciples in lock-down. Why not? PerhapsContinue reading ““Glass Half-Empty” Thomas”

Hitting Holy Saturday “Pause”

Those who have travelled the Christian journey for two thousand years know that the Easter Saturday Pause is a mere interlude between Good Friday lamentations and Easter Sunday celebration of raised life. Prescience prevents us into entering the utter despair and hopelessness of those who experienced the first Easter. There was no expectation of deadContinue reading “Hitting Holy Saturday “Pause””

Why “Good Friday””

“Why is it called Good Friday? What’s so good about it?” All the years I taught Religious Education in public schools, I could lay bets on some student asking this question. By and large, the kids I taught were engaged with the stories of Jesus – enough to be dismayed and offended at the accountsContinue reading “Why “Good Friday”””

Beating Holy Tuesday Blues

Retirement was meant to be easy and simple. Instead, for the last ten months, we have been involved in a battle of wits and wisdom with the powers and principalities of Australia’s labyrinthine financial regulatory system. In seeking redress for a failed retirement “lease for life” scheme, our cohort of some 105 retirees plus theirContinue reading “Beating Holy Tuesday Blues”

Turning the tables over

COVID-19 has certainly turned the tables over economically. “Free market” trickle-down philosophy has suddenly and seismically given way to billions of dollars worth of rescue to keep society viable. One can discern a palpable shift in many communities. Supermarket brawls that reflected neo-liberal “survival of the fittest” philosophy have given way to neighbours and strangersContinue reading “Turning the tables over”

Palm Sunday – A Highway to Hell?

Only four weeks ago Canning Highway in Perth was packed tight as thousands of fans commemorated Bon Jovi and AccaDacca’s “Highway to Hell” famous signature song vibrating from bands on a fleet of tray-top trucks as they rolled from Canning Bridge to Fremantle. Four weeks later Perth’s highways are all but deserted as we self-isolateContinue reading “Palm Sunday – A Highway to Hell?”

Swinging on the Vine

Somehow I felt I had to justify this sermon title for John 15:1-8 at our combined Uniting Church/Church of Christ service this morning. During the week, with ANZAC Day music playing in the background, while I exegeted the Greek text of “abiding,” my attention was drawn to jazz variations of the ubiquitous commemoration hymn, “AbideContinue reading “Swinging on the Vine”

Thomas – the beloved disciple?

Yesterday was my¬†43rd Thomas Sunday since ordination, meaning that I have possibly preached this many times on the account of Thomas “not believing” until he had encountered¬†the Risen Christ himself and verified by the visibility of the “marks” of crucifixion. My understanding of this encounter has gone through a lifetime of development, moving from theContinue reading “Thomas – the beloved disciple?”