Palm Sunday – A Highway to Hell?

Only four weeks ago Canning Highway in Perth was packed tight as thousands of fans commemorated Bon Jovi and AccaDacca’s “Highway to Hell” famous signature song vibrating from bands on a fleet of tray-top trucks as they rolled from Canning Bridge to Fremantle. Four weeks later Perth’s highways are all but deserted as we self-isolateContinue reading “Palm Sunday – A Highway to Hell?”

Advent Voices – Elijah the Tishbite

‘Tis the season of obscure voices from long ago that speak into our contemporary scene – voices that call us to wake up and pay attention! The Hebrew reading set for today is 2 Kings 1:2-18 – a confronting tale of a prophet, Elijah, who exacts some considerable collateral damage in awakening a king. The haplessContinue reading “Advent Voices – Elijah the Tishbite”

Teaching disciples to suck eggs

Some may find it strange to be talking to veteran congregations about discipleship, as today’s texts lead me. Most have been making the journey a lot longer than I have, and I’m getting a bit long in the tooth. Yet, once again I will address what I have come to call the magnetic summons ofContinue reading “Teaching disciples to suck eggs”

What more could you want in an Aussie Saint?

It seems Australia’s disadvantaged, including indigenous, mentally ill, and those seeking asylum, have a newly sanctioned advocate. Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop has become Australia’s first Saint.   On a day of celebration owned by Catholic and non-Catholic, religious and secular, believer and non-believer, one of our own has been ushered into the select company ofContinue reading “What more could you want in an Aussie Saint?”