Advent Voices – Elijah the Tishbite

‘Tis the season of obscure voices from long ago that speak into our contemporary scene – voices that call us to wake up and pay attention! The Hebrew reading set for today is 2 Kings 1:2-18 – a confronting tale of a prophet, Elijah, who exacts some considerable collateral damage in awakening a king. The haplessContinue reading “Advent Voices – Elijah the Tishbite”

Paradox of Spring

Today sees the installment of arguably Australia’s most conservative government ministry. It is also the eve, in the same city, of the Progressive Christian Common Dreams Conference. The juxtaposition of these two events creates a tension reminiscent of the paradoxes described by Parker Palmer when he explores the tug of war of life bursting forthContinue reading “Paradox of Spring”

“Illegals” no more!

Media Release from SafeCom West Australian Daily sets national tone on ‘Illegals Tag’ “The West Australian, WA Newspapers’ flagship, is setting the tone for the nation in the new year by firmly committing itself to scrutinise and edit Letters to the Editor so no references to “illegals”, “illegal immigrants” or “illegal refugees” will make itContinue reading ““Illegals” no more!”