Manufactured consent

  What a worthy phrase to describe the juggling act between advertisers, politicians, the public and the media. Worth reflecting on in the current focus of interest on the Murdoch empire. Justin Glyn’s article Getting the media we deserve – Eureka Street is something to chew on. To what extent does one participate in the “consent” thatContinue reading “Manufactured consent”

“Illegals” no more!

Media Release from SafeCom West Australian Daily sets national tone on ‘Illegals Tag’ “The West Australian, WA Newspapers’ flagship, is setting the tone for the nation in the new year by firmly committing itself to scrutinise and edit Letters to the Editor so no references to “illegals”, “illegal immigrants” or “illegal refugees” will make itContinue reading ““Illegals” no more!”

Movie Review: Frost/Nixon

I was in my early twenties during the Nixon years, and being half a world away, was only vaguely aware of the implications of the Watergate scandal. Thirty years later, having viewed Frost/Nixon, I recognise having gained a certain amount of understanding through hindsight.  The film takes some dramatic license as it describes some behind the scenesContinue reading “Movie Review: Frost/Nixon”