Troubled times … fresh resources.

“Crisis always comes with opportunity,” suggests the Chinese pictogram. How this relates to the current ascension of the greed of the few and the corresponding upward spiral of cost to the many is elegantly demonstrated in this video clip: Human history seems to reveal a default trend of societies devolving from the most altruistic ideals toContinue reading “Troubled times … fresh resources.”

Wooing the one who jilted you …

Who would want to? The Hebrew prophet Hosea – that’s who! Initially, he nurses the pain of anger when Gomer leaves him for a polyamorous dalliance with others. The patriarchal law of his time and place would have allowed his claim on her life. Instead, we see a tender wooing back, prompted by an insightContinue reading “Wooing the one who jilted you …”

Thoughts on Current Political Discourse

Today I am distracted by the Clinton/Trump debate. It’s running in the background while I attend to some other desk chores. Political discourse tends to glaze my eyes these days – we’ve had so much that is disappointing in our own wide brown land. A lot of people here ask what business is it ofContinue reading “Thoughts on Current Political Discourse”

New asylum seeker campaign ‘distasteful’ and ’embarrassing’

New asylum seeker campaign ‘distasteful’ and ’embarrassing’. Just when you think the Australian Government can do no worse in its cruel and dispiriting treatment of maritime asylum seekers, it pulls another rabbit out of the hat. This so-called low key cartoon strip campaign does little more than throw down a challenge to those desperate to fleeContinue reading “New asylum seeker campaign ‘distasteful’ and ’embarrassing’”

Is it ever OK to humanise notorious figures?

The twin cinematic retrospectives on the careers of Hoover and Thatcher, both notorious conservatives that packed a lot of clout in recent Western history, invite this question. Today’s article at Eureka Street, Humanising Hoover and Thatcher – Eureka Street, takes rather a dim view of the practice. I wonder though. As one privileged to workContinue reading “Is it ever OK to humanise notorious figures?”

Peace is possible

It’s one of those days of convergence again. I finalised an article for the local community paper – “200 words on what Christmas means to you as a local clergy person.” I rattled something off under the title that headlines this piece. Then I left to share lunch at Parliament House with about twenty folk,Continue reading “Peace is possible”

Requiem for Shooty

  Thomas Keneally, Australian author, has written an open letter to ‘Shooty’ whose despair under incarceration led to an untimely death. Read it at  Sri Lankan Asylum Seeker Commits Suicide in Villawood. As a resident of the city that just hosted CHOGM as well as a refugee advocate who has just about run dry ofContinue reading “Requiem for Shooty”

CHOGM and Prayer

Looks like stranded CHOGM delegates no longer have to sing “We still call Australia home” and can now board their Qantas flights to their destinations. The streets of Perth are returning to normal and I could even drive along Riverside Drive following the cathedral service marking the end of CHOGM. Yesterday’s “Celebration of the Nations”Continue reading “CHOGM and Prayer”

Jumping to conclusions and landing on our faces…

We are quick to name the culprits if there’s a possibility of reinforcing our prejudices. Two instances are apparent today: the London riots – in this far flung outpost of the old empire we hear alarmed predictions of “how the same will happen here if we don’t stop the boats” and “just as Enoch PowellContinue reading “Jumping to conclusions and landing on our faces…”

When the USA sneezes…

  … the rest of the world catches a cold. This is probably why it’s difficult to find a dispassionate news report on the US debt crisis. The most objective one on my newsfeed is from the UK –  US debt crisis: markets rally as Barack Obama announces deal – Telegraph. I had a spiritedContinue reading “When the USA sneezes…”