Peace is possible

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It’s one of those days of convergence again. I finalised an article for the local community paper – “200 words on what Christmas means to you as a local clergy person.” I rattled something off under the title that headlines this piece. Then I left to share lunch at Parliament House with about twenty folk, organised by Pace e Bene and hosted by Greens MLC, Giz Watson, the purpose being to meet and hear world renowned peace activist, Kathy Kelly and Afghan peace worker, Hakim.

My underlying reflection is on how far from peaceful the process of achieving peace (in its fullest sense) often proves to be. My local article touched briefly on a range of folk in conflicted circumstances who were nevertheless driven by the conviction that “peace is possible.” At lunch, Dr Hakim, outlined a movement amongst young people in Afghanistan who work for peace against tremendous odds, noting that “peace is hard work!” and Kathy Kelly responded to questions in a way that reinforced the costly nature of working for peace.

All things worthwhile have to be worked for, often against overwhelming odds. It is important to persevere, addressing the practical issues, not out of unrealistic optimism, but out of hope that is inspired by a vision of what can be.


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4 thoughts on “Peace is possible

  1. A wonderful post. I had never even considered the work that goes into achieving peace. Your post sends me straight off to start googling peacemakers and looking more closely at the work they do. It shows me how important it is to value what we have in peaceful parts of the world.


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