Advent Reflection: Hope, not optimism

Pollyanna gets a bit of stick these days. The name of the main character from Eleanor H Porter’s work of classical children’s fiction has become an epithet for anyone deemed to be unrealistically optimistic. In the novel made even more well known by Walt Disney’s cinema version in 1960, Pollyanna invents “the glad game.” NoContinue reading “Advent Reflection: Hope, not optimism”

Stories from the Canning Stock Route

So runs the sub-title of a stunning Aboriginal Art exhibition that is now on tour from the National Museum of Australia. Of course, the Canning Stock Route has had its dominant “whitefella” story told many times. We claim it as the toughest, remotest and (at 1850km) longest historic stock route in the world. Around theContinue reading “Stories from the Canning Stock Route”

Peace is possible

It’s one of those days of convergence again. I finalised an article for the local community paper – “200 words on what Christmas means to you as a local clergy person.” I rattled something off under the title that headlines this piece. Then I left to share lunch at Parliament House with about twenty folk,Continue reading “Peace is possible”

Reconciliation Journey through Mooro Country

Mooro country is that part of the Noongar country that follows a string of lakes through the western  and northern suburbs of Perth and beyond to the Moore River. This afternoon a group of us met with the Northern Suburbs Reconciliation Group and took a bus tour through some of this wetland area, visiting placesContinue reading “Reconciliation Journey through Mooro Country”

Praising our one talent hero!

I like the contention that the servant who buried his one talent and got shafted by the boss might just be the hero of the story – not the goody two shoes (x2) who doubled their much more generous offerings. The proposition catches us on the back foot (like a good parable is supposed toContinue reading “Praising our one talent hero!”

Principles for a coherent refugee policy – Eureka Street

    Fr Frank Brennan lays out a coherent groundwork should our politicians suddenly say “This is all too silly – let’s get back to a decent way of assessing and caring for those who seek asylum.” He lays it all out in Principles for a coherent refugee policy – Eureka Street.

CHOGM and Prayer

Looks like stranded CHOGM delegates no longer have to sing “We still call Australia home” and can now board their Qantas flights to their destinations. The streets of Perth are returning to normal and I could even drive along Riverside Drive following the cathedral service marking the end of CHOGM. Yesterday’s “Celebration of the Nations”Continue reading “CHOGM and Prayer”

Such is life?…

Often a picture does it best. I’ve seen reams written on “the six (sometimes seven) stages of life” and even run the odd workshop or two myself. I found this silent but eloquent expression on  The caption is a bit of a worry. That’s why I’ve inserted the question mark. “Such is life!” TheseContinue reading “Such is life?…”

Marking November how?

November is approaching – the harbinger of low temperatures by climate on the the top half of the planet and air conditioner in the countries “down under” the equator. (Australia’s not the only country “down under”, by the way). Personally, November is a bit of a bookmark month, being the month of my arrival onContinue reading “Marking November how?”