Praising our one talent hero!

I like the contention that the servant who buried his one talent and got shafted by the boss might just be the hero of the story – not the goody two shoes (x2) who doubled their much more generous offerings. The proposition catches us on the back foot (like a good parable is supposed toContinue reading “Praising our one talent hero!”

Correcting the Teacher

We’ve all done it in our student days – or held our breath as others have been foolhardy enough to attempt it – correcting the teacher. We learned a lot from how the teacher responded, particularly when the student was actually right. Adolescent joy abounded if the teacher blustered and blundered and obfuscated around hisContinue reading “Correcting the Teacher”

Peter picked a permanent positive pistuous posture

A variant on Peter picked a pepper? No – just some leftovers from this morning’s ruminations on the Gospel of Matthew’s account of Peter walking on the water and sinking. I would never dare use such a pretentious alliterative phrase anywhere else but here. I reiterate the view, however, that Peter was not being typicallyContinue reading “Peter picked a permanent positive pistuous posture”