Alain de Botton’s pastoral atheism – Eureka Street

Alain de Botton’s pastoral atheism – Eureka Street. I’ve not read Alain de Botton’s Religion for Atheists, but I find this review fascinating, as I have observed this “pull” for meaningful ritual amongst many of my “post faith” friends. Some are able to articulate along the lines suggested in the review – that community, ritesContinue reading “Alain de Botton’s pastoral atheism – Eureka Street”

Principles for a coherent refugee policy – Eureka Street

    Fr Frank Brennan lays out a coherent groundwork should our politicians suddenly say “This is all too silly – let’s get back to a decent way of assessing and caring for those who seek asylum.” He lays it all out in Principles for a coherent refugee policy – Eureka Street.

Religion and republicanism in Australian politics – Eureka Street

Image via Wikipedia         It’s blog-lite today as this weekend’s heavy schedule descends. Eureka Street often comes in to fill a gap at such times as it often is the medium that reflects most closely my own position (with some exceptions). I would probably want to spend some time, should it beContinue reading “Religion and republicanism in Australian politics – Eureka Street”

Appealing to the ‘better angels of our nature’

As we head towards refugee Sunday, Eureka Street offers some worthy material for reflection, e.g. Improving the refugee debate – Eureka Street. It well makes the point that multiculturalism, the so called bête noir of our times is really of little account. This reflects a lunch-time conversation from which I have just emerged, where a bunchContinue reading “Appealing to the ‘better angels of our nature’”