We think we’re in charge…

Sure we have agency for good or ill, wise or foolish. Some will think it a great idea for the Australian government to invest heavily in the military industrial complex and become one of the world’s major exporters of military equipment. As a strategy for long-term economic growth and employment, it is a winner! For thoseContinue reading “We think we’re in charge…”

Thoughts on Current Political Discourse

Today I am distracted by the Clinton/Trump debate. It’s running in the background while I attend to some other desk chores. Political discourse tends to glaze my eyes these days – we’ve had so much that is disappointing in our own wide brown land. A lot of people here ask what business is it ofContinue reading “Thoughts on Current Political Discourse”

New asylum seeker campaign ‘distasteful’ and ’embarrassing’

New asylum seeker campaign ‘distasteful’ and ’embarrassing’. Just when you think the Australian Government can do no worse in its cruel and dispiriting treatment of maritime asylum seekers, it pulls another rabbit out of the hat. This so-called low key cartoon strip campaign does little more than throw down a challenge to those desperate to fleeContinue reading “New asylum seeker campaign ‘distasteful’ and ’embarrassing’”

Fireworks, eskies and reconciliation…

Our national day celebrations often generate discussion within our small congregation. Yesterday’s take on Jonah the Bogan was one attempt to address the tensions between celebrating national pride and accountability to something wider, bigger and deeper. One of our Elders, Steve Mellor, has granted permission to reprint his article from this week’s church newsletter: OnContinue reading “Fireworks, eskies and reconciliation…”

High Court Chaplaincy Challenge Diversions

        While on the matters of things High Court, it is interesting to see how the current challenge to the federal funding for the National School Chaplaincy Program is playing out: States play cat and mouse in High Court chaplaincy challenge – ABC Religion & Ethics (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Community debate surrounding theContinue reading “High Court Chaplaincy Challenge Diversions”

Religion and republicanism in Australian politics – Eureka Street

Image via Wikipedia         It’s blog-lite today as this weekend’s heavy schedule descends. Eureka Street often comes in to fill a gap at such times as it often is the medium that reflects most closely my own position (with some exceptions). I would probably want to spend some time, should it beContinue reading “Religion and republicanism in Australian politics – Eureka Street”

Nothing personal!

      The High Court of Australia has several interesting cases before it right now. I’ve already pinpointed the challenge to the federally funded School Chaplaincy Program. Rocking the boat is a very succinct article on the current injunction to halt the Malaysia refugee swap scheme on the basis that the Australian government does notContinue reading “Nothing personal!”

Jumping to conclusions and landing on our faces…

We are quick to name the culprits if there’s a possibility of reinforcing our prejudices. Two instances are apparent today: the London riots – in this far flung outpost of the old empire we hear alarmed predictions of “how the same will happen here if we don’t stop the boats” and “just as Enoch PowellContinue reading “Jumping to conclusions and landing on our faces…”

Clarifying the School Chaplaincy case before the High Court

The important debate re school chaplaincy (and Special Religious Education) in Australian schools is being waged on many fronts. Confusing the issues are political expediency and opportunism, unclear definitions, and a range of alleged apparent motivations across the religious sector. State specific situations, such as the “Ethics alternative” showdown in NSW and the administrative issuesContinue reading “Clarifying the School Chaplaincy case before the High Court”