We think we’re in charge…

Sure we have agency for good or ill, wise or foolish. Some will think it a great idea for the Australian government to invest heavily in the military industrial complex and become one of the world’s major exporters of military equipment. As a strategy for long-term¬†economic growth and employment, it is a winner! For thoseContinue reading “We think we’re in charge…”

On the fourth day of Christmas… an orientation to praise and thanksgiving.

When visiting one of the rural districts surrounding Zvishavane in the south of Zimbabwe 3 months ago, we were struck by the resilience of those who lived on the parched plots with little easy access to water, healthcare and education for their children. We were exploring a program run by¬†the Zimbabwe churches with whom weContinue reading “On the fourth day of Christmas… an orientation to praise and thanksgiving.”

Out of Zimbabwe

It’s now a few days since completing a three week stint working with Churches of Christ in Zimbabwe as part of a volunteer team from Australia and New Zealand. The dust has started to settle, the Africa in our veins is distilling to something quieter and more reflective. The next few posts will describe someContinue reading “Out of Zimbabwe”

Responding to Natural Disasters

After checking on family and friends in the Queensland danger zones, I now turn to a question that has arisen in several forums over the last day or two – “but this is what underdeveloped countries are facing constantly, and they don’t have the infrastructures in place to respond as we do.” On this day,Continue reading “Responding to Natural Disasters”