Singing for flood relief

I often grab a snack in this food court and have thought how well it might lend itself to a “flash mob” performance. Well, now it has! And it’s for flood disaster relief. (For some reason I’m unable to directly embed the video here.) Edit: Ahh – good reason – it’s on a pageContinue reading “Singing for flood relief”

Disaster & Discipleship

As one prepares for sermons this Sunday, one wonders how the lectionary will speak into the preoccupations of a community. Not only the Queensland floods (15 lives lost), but the many more lives lost in flooding this week in Brazil, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and South Africa will be not far from our minds. TheContinue reading “Disaster & Discipleship”

And now the individual stories…

Natural disaster evokes a sequence of responses from those not directly affected:- a gradual dawning of awareness – flooding in northern Queensland had already claimed 11 lives before most of us awoke to its severity. Granted it was Monday’s shock deluge that snapped many of us to attention. stunned shock as we attempt to comeContinue reading “And now the individual stories…”

Responding to Natural Disasters

After checking on family and friends in the Queensland danger zones, I now turn to a question that has arisen in several forums over the last day or two – “but this is what underdeveloped countries are facing constantly, and they don’t have the infrastructures in place to respond as we do.” On this day,Continue reading “Responding to Natural Disasters”