Lenten Voices: Synchronicity

Over the last twenty years, I have delved into deeper, more ancient understandings of the Christian journey, wandering in and out of an eclectic mainstream of traditions while steering firmly from my own tribal barque. The cross-cultural backwaters of orthodoxy, medieval contemplative mystics, holistic Celtic fervour, spiritual direction, the beauty of some sacred textual translationsContinue reading “Lenten Voices: Synchronicity”

Disaster & Discipleship

As one prepares for sermons this Sunday, one wonders how the lectionary will speak into the preoccupations of a community. Not only the Queensland floods (15 lives lost), but the many more lives lost in flooding this week in Brazil, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and South Africa will be not far from our minds. TheContinue reading “Disaster & Discipleship”

"Increase Our Faith!" – a realistic demand?

A Church Anniversary Sermon Luke 17: 5-10 Some are saying the monks of Myanmar are no more. The saffron revolution is over. The dream of these peace-loving clerics was that they might act as a conciliatory go-between for the impoverished population and the brutal military junta that has reigned for over a decade. Today monasteriesContinue reading “"Increase Our Faith!" – a realistic demand?”

Sunday Morning Harangue

Luke 16:19-31 The Rich Man & Lazarus A green-thumb I am not, but my attention has been drawn to what will be familiar to some of you gardeners – leaf miners! A few clicks of the mouse button led me to discover that leaf miners are insect larvae that live within leaf tissue. They feedContinue reading “Sunday Morning Harangue”

Lamenting Jerusalem – Second Sunday in Lent

Luke 13:31-35 sees Jesus lamenting over Jerusalem – a centre of power and influence in his part of the world in his time – probably no different from any other city we know, ancient or modern. There was one difference however. Jerusalem was heir to the Abrahamic covenant – a divine initiative that would seeContinue reading “Lamenting Jerusalem – Second Sunday in Lent”