Lectionary Haiku 14 April 2022

Maundy Thursday The evolution of Passover from the rescue of a captive people to an inner release and unification that is of inner and cosmic significance marks this day. It culminates in the transcendence of the power of servanthood over the power of domination. Exodus 12:1-4, (5-10), 11-14 Dressed ready to fleeSlain lambs prepared forContinue reading “Lectionary Haiku 14 April 2022”

The Power of Basin & Towel

I’ve often wondered how different church history might have been if its universal symbol was a basin and towel rather than a cross. Today, on the eve of Good Friday, Christians commemorate the Last Supper at which Jesus, having taken a basin and towel, washed his disciples’ feet, saying “By this, all will know thatContinue reading “The Power of Basin & Towel”

Footwashing – another Easter symbol

Today begins the three days of Easter. The little-heralded act of Jesus enacting his calling as a servant and washing the feet of his bemused and scandalised disciples is the act that begins the three-day drama of Easter. He said to them, ‘Do you know what I have done to you? 13You call me Teacher and Lord—andContinue reading “Footwashing – another Easter symbol”

Reflecting on Maundy Thursday…

When I was a schoolboy somewhere back in the last millennium, there were class monitor jobs that were much sought after – cleaning the blackboard, feeding the gold fish, collecting the lunch orders. The one no-one enjoyed was emptying the rubbish. Things haven’t changed that much – I asked the school kids the other dayContinue reading “Reflecting on Maundy Thursday…”