Restoring a damaged relationship

An intense, yet tender exchange takes place between two estranged friends in next Sunday’s gospel.One has gone in search of the other, who, guilt and grief-ridden, and not knowing what to do, has returned to his former work. The searching one draws him forth to a fire he has set on the beach and overContinue reading “Restoring a damaged relationship”

Lectionary Haiku 26 February 2022

The escalating crisis in Ukraine cries out for a Psalm-like orientation as sovereignty demands compete. Psalm 99 does not disappoint. Moses descended the mountain bearing the perfect rule for human society, but his people had abandoned its Source before he even reached level ground. Today we feel his frustration at the futility of it all.Continue reading “Lectionary Haiku 26 February 2022”

Musing on Bethany & the Budget

I look at next Sunday’s text as the Federal Budget 2019 is being delivered in Canberra. We’ve moved into John’s Gospel, the place where, in her home in Bethany, Mary, with much devotion, extravagantly pours pure nard over Jesus’ feet. The aroma fills the house where she lives with her siblings, Martha and Lazarus.  Judas,Continue reading “Musing on Bethany & the Budget”

Please, come home, son! (But which one is he begging?)

He had already run down the road to greet the returning wasteful prodigal. He had already thrown the best robe around his shoulders and was now feting him with a roast calf on the spit and having all his old friends around. His youngest was home, bewildered, hosed and feted, hardly believing the turn ofContinue reading “Please, come home, son! (But which one is he begging?)”