Immediately – right now, if not sooner!

I’m a born procrastinator. I need time to think things through. “Immediately” is not a word that appears often in my working vocabulary. It occurs twice and insistently in the text from today’s reading in Mark’s gospel.  Four men instantly drop their work to go around with one who has just taken up the baton of hisContinue reading “Immediately – right now, if not sooner!”

The Giants Are in Town – a Transfiguration Reflection

(Today’s pep talk for Transfiguration Sunday) The Giants are in Perth. Thousands have gone to meet them. The Little Girl and the Diver have attracted crowds the size of which are often not seen in the CBD. Enthralled, they have watched the Giants sleep, wake up, shower, blink, walk, widdle and read. Not only haveContinue reading “The Giants Are in Town – a Transfiguration Reflection”

Teaching disciples to suck eggs

Some may find it strange to be talking to veteran congregations about discipleship, as today’s texts lead me. Most have been making the journey a lot longer than I have, and I’m getting a bit long in the tooth. Yet, once again I will address what I have come to call the magnetic summons ofContinue reading “Teaching disciples to suck eggs”

The Summons

This Sunday’s text (Matthew 4:12-23) considers the magnetic call of Jesus of Nazareth to those around him – a summons that has extended down the centuries with ever-increasing pulling power. This is one of our favourite songs at Wembley Downs. I love the lyrics! It’s by John Bell of the Iona Community in Scotland andContinue reading “The Summons”

Disaster & Discipleship

As one prepares for sermons this Sunday, one wonders how the lectionary will speak into the preoccupations of a community. Not only the Queensland floods (15 lives lost), but the many more lives lost in flooding this week in Brazil, Sri Lanka, the Philippines and South Africa will be not far from our minds. TheContinue reading “Disaster & Discipleship”

This morning it worked…

My flock and I have been experimenting a little lately with “mutual mentoring” – something that Paul’s theology of the church says we ought to be good at. Reprising Eugene Peterson’s “Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work” as a framework, we use the Revised Common Lectionary, our source for Sunday’s readings, as a guide to reflectContinue reading “This morning it worked…”