Einstein, Elijah, Moses and Jesus

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Dr Martin Luther King I was intrigued to hear this favourite quote linked, in a recent conversation, with Einstein’s theory of relativity and its application to satellite navigation that depends on differences in relative space and time calculations for accuracy. As IContinue reading “Einstein, Elijah, Moses and Jesus”

Continuously on the Path of Conversion.

Goodness! Yesterday’s piece seems stuffy with wordiness! It comes with trying to express the inexpressible. Let me translate. We followers of Jesus often fall into the trap of treating him as a remote figure who lived long ago and we have to reach over a huge 2000 year gap to access him. We often talkContinue reading “Continuously on the Path of Conversion.”

Less (maybe!) stirry… more powerful!

Time to pen some more thoughts following my previous rant here, now some months ago. Current conversations are around less controversial matters, but somewhat related in a base-line sense. How to reconcile what we can know of the historic Jesus through a self-imposed limited reading of the four Gospels with the phenomenon of the CosmicContinue reading “Less (maybe!) stirry… more powerful!”

The Giants Are in Town – a Transfiguration Reflection

(Today’s pep talk for Transfiguration Sunday) The Giants are in Perth. Thousands have gone to meet them. The Little Girl and the Diver have attracted crowds the size of which are often not seen in the CBD. Enthralled, they have watched the Giants sleep, wake up, shower, blink, walk, widdle and read. Not only haveContinue reading “The Giants Are in Town – a Transfiguration Reflection”

See a wrong and right it

My brother-in-law, Des, is preparing a 665km kayak trip down the River Murray.  It’s not just his love of kayaking that prompts this venture; there’s been a fire in his belly ever since he visited Kitgum, Uganda, with my sister Janet, who had previously delivered relief to the school and orphanage there, a place ofContinue reading “See a wrong and right it”

There’s muscle in what we yearn for…

Jesus said:   Tubwayhun lawile d’hinnon netbayun. Wake up you who weep for your frustrated desire;  you shall see the face of fulfillment in a new form. (KJV version: Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted..) Again, it is plain to see how a translation from Aramaic (through the Syrian tradition) favours aContinue reading “There’s muscle in what we yearn for…”

Wake up to spirit and cosmos!

Jesus said:  Tubwayhun l’meskenaee b’rukh d’dilhounhie malkutha d’ashmaya. “Wake up, you who devote yourselves to the link of Spirit; the design of the universe is rendered through you.” Let it be said from the outset that I am no Aramaic scholar. I’ve dabbled in Hebrew and have a passing working knowledge (with aid of lexiconContinue reading “Wake up to spirit and cosmos!”

The eyes have it!

Strange thoughts occur during the waking moments of the day. This morning, various pairs of eyes paraded across the blank screen of my mind, as if awaiting assessment (or were they assessing?) – inviting, daring, willing me to read them. Here is a sampling – the dream state eyes are replicated by some cropped images.Continue reading “The eyes have it!”

Discovering authenticity through vulnerability

Just stumbled upon one of the great TED talks (they all seem to have some thought provoking gems). This one hit something in my core. I found myself shouting YES all the way through as Brené Brown, a researcher in social work, shared her learning about discovering one’s true authenticity and authority through vulnerability. Look atContinue reading “Discovering authenticity through vulnerability”

Movie Dipping

How could two films be so different yet so similar? I saw them randomly and almost back to back (give or take a week or two). Both drama/comedies, both dealing with the paradoxical art and escapism of cinema, both unconsciously aware that the “acting out” before the camera mirrored the real life dramas of theContinue reading “Movie Dipping”