To Be

And so they ask “How do you show love?” Is this question academic or particular?Foundational or extracurricular?This was an issue of struggle for meUntil I discovered the answer “To Be!” Full “being” creates a hospitable spaceFor others to flourish and discover their paceI find inspiration from a living slain LambThe one who’s amongst us asContinue reading “To Be”

All things to all people – look for the motive!

“I have become all things to all people” – this phrase speaks of election campaigns! Suddenly politicians, normally hiding from public view, enter the catwalk,  glad-handing everywhere. Previous “no-go” districts in their electorates become the target of media focused sortees, where solutions are offered to longstanding unsolvable problems. In order to win the maximum number ofContinue reading “All things to all people – look for the motive!”

In things non-essential, liberty… a caveat!

“In things essential, unity; in things non-essential, liberty; in all things, charity.” This eirenic phrase is attributed to St Augustine and has been taken up by various reformers, including the Moravians and the space within the spectrum of the Christian family to which I belong. There’s a rub, however, when it comes down to deciding whatContinue reading “In things non-essential, liberty… a caveat!”

Fourth Sunday in Advent – Love

And so the set of four Advent candles have been lit. Candles of anticipation – hope, peace, joy and, finally, love. The Australian community has been galvanised in the aftermath of three unspeakable acts of violence – the Martin Place siege, the Peshawar school massacre, and a family tragedy in Cairns. Amidst crowd reactions ofContinue reading “Fourth Sunday in Advent – Love”

Advent Reflection – Love: action,not sentiment

Last week was tetchy. People were tired and stressed. Meetings were terse and abrupt. Summer storms, both meteorological and emotional passed swiftly over. The combination of festive preparations and end-of-year wrap ups added to the testy cocktail. Yet there were moments of pause and reflection – little oases of reality that emerged through the fluffContinue reading “Advent Reflection – Love: action,not sentiment”