Less (maybe!) stirry… more powerful!

Time to pen some more thoughts following my previous rant here, now some months ago. Current conversations are around less controversial matters, but somewhat related in a base-line sense. How to reconcile what we can know of the historic Jesus through a self-imposed limited reading of the four Gospels with the phenomenon of the CosmicContinue reading “Less (maybe!) stirry… more powerful!”

Lenten Voices: It’s all in the name.

As a teenager, I looked up the meaning of my first given name. My then prudish temperament was somewhat taken aback to see that it was associated with Dionysus, the debauched Greek god of revelry and wine. Had I been raised as an ancient Hebrew, it could have been far worse, for names were givenContinue reading “Lenten Voices: It’s all in the name.”

Terror at the Empty Tomb

“So they went out and fled from the tomb,  for terror and amazement had seized them; and they said nothing to anyone,  for they were afraid.” Mark 16:8 So ends the earliest gospel narrative, describing the reaction of the women who, on arriving at the tomb where Jesus’ crucified body was laid, and expecting toContinue reading “Terror at the Empty Tomb”

If weeks had a theme…

… this one would be “breaking through.” a vestige of human decency broke through when the High Court decided against the legitimacy of Australia’s “people trading” deal with Malaysia. the annual Uniting Church School of Ministry considered scholarly data that pointed to where spiritual growth was “breaking through” globally in unexpected quarters and were confrontedContinue reading “If weeks had a theme…”

The real deal

Here’s a prayer book with a difference – it certainly arrested my attention. It’s called “Common Prayer: a liturgy for ordinary radicals” and you can see a daily on line version at http://commonprayer.net/ An excerpt from today’s offering demonstrates the true meaning of radical (“from the root”) Frederick Douglass [1818-1895] wrote in his autobiography, “Between theContinue reading “The real deal”

Christ Has No Online Presence but Yours

Have a look at and consider this worthy 21st Century adaptation of St Teresa of Avila‘s work. Click on Christ Has No Online Presence but Yours. The original text of this 16th century Carmelite mystic reads: Christ Has No Body Christ has no body but yours, No hands, no feet on earth but yours, Yours areContinue reading “Christ Has No Online Presence but Yours”

World Communion Sunday

I used a day of leave to experience communion in a tradition quite different to that which I am accustomed, so I took myself off to the 10 am Choral Eucharist at St Georges Cathedral of the Anglican Arch Diocese of Perth, Western Australia. I have participated in communion services of the higher liturgical traditions before, most notablyContinue reading “World Communion Sunday”