At its best, tradition is like a tall sailing ship, navigating the uncharted narrow shoals of postmodern times. Its cargo is the virtues and values that create civilisation. From time to time, its crew has found it necessary to discard outdated, redundant and no longer serviceable jetsam. To navigate unknown shallow waters, the art of “kedging”Continue reading “Tradition”


Is the universe typified by chaos or harmony? Ancient societies in the Mesopotamian cradle of civilisation theorised on chaos – hence the justification for violence and conquest.  The Abrahamic faiths, introducing monotheism,  pushed back with a view of order and visions of harmony. Philosophies continue to compete in all the human disciplines – fundamental apocalypticists vsContinue reading “Harmonise”


I must be in high dudgeon this morning (could be the result of some fruitless negotiating of the labyrinthine corridors of two government departments). The moment I saw today’s daily prompt “lollypop” I thought of those enormous “all day suckers” of my childhood. The double entendre does not escape me, nor does it with Stevie WonderContinue reading “Lollypop”

9 months!

That’s how long it has been since I’ve scrawled on this blog. Facebook and, to a lesser extent, Twitter, have seen more regular utterances during this time. Why? Perhaps a bit more immediate. I am usually reacting to or commenting on a stimulus that appears on social media. Blogging, for some unknown rationale in myContinue reading “9 months!”

Blogging 101: considering a blog title & tagline

After several years of blogging in fits and starts, I’ve signed up for the basic course at WordPress Blogging 101. Today’s exercise is to consider my blog’s title and tagline and whether its time to change it. I quite like the current title and find it quite suitable for my purpose. It carries a questionContinue reading “Blogging 101: considering a blog title & tagline”

Ash Wednesday Confessions

Today, Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, I respond to the challenge not to give up something, but to take something on – a discipline of some kind. A way forward might be to begin a daily reflection according to my spiritual tradition. This Ash Wednesday, my guide requires me to write a prayer of confessionContinue reading “Ash Wednesday Confessions”

The department store era is over

The department store era is over. Hmmm. Started off in the electroplating industry when everyone wanted there stuff chromed. That era has gone. Moved into department store retail,  and the end of this era is now pronounced. But I was only there a short while before training for my life’s work – local church ministryContinue reading “The department store era is over”

Versatile Blogging Award

Just when you thought it was safe to give up blogging… along comes Granny Dog to nominate you for the Versatile Blogging Award! While it’s been one of those time poor weeks where even the basics of life, like eating and sleeping, jostle for their allotted times – it’s easy to ask, “What can I do without?”Continue reading “Versatile Blogging Award”