Slipping Back into Harness

When I used this phrase to describe my imminent return from retirement to some part-time work, my peer mentors challenged me. “What do you mean by back into harness?” I let my muse respond… What is a harness?A shackle that constricts and restrains?Straps of bondage as heavy as chains?Stifling freedom, restricting one’s way,Muffling one’s abilityContinue reading “Slipping Back into Harness”

That strange in between time when Epiphany bursts forth

Some call it the silly season. Its those first few weeks of a southern hemisphere January. The office is quiet. I’m at work making use of the downtime from the regular weekly program to engage in some tidying up and planning for what must take place in my final six months here – and beyond. There isContinue reading “That strange in between time when Epiphany bursts forth”

… increased in human favour..

continuing transition to retirement Seeking human favour always carried amber warning lights in my ministerial formation. We’ve seen too many examples of fall from grace in the political arena – and church leadership ain’t far from politics! Yet Luke’s gospel speaks approvingly of Jesus increasing in human favour. As an Enneagram Six, I am naturallyContinue reading “… increased in human favour..”

… increased in favour with God…

… continuing transition into retirement thoughts … Everyone thinks clergy have some secret hotline to God. How does a retiring one increase a state that is already deemed to be “perfect?”   Let’s lay that myth to rest. To borrow from D T Niles’ aphorism, I have always seen ministry as “one poor beggar sharing with another whereContinue reading “… increased in favour with God…”

… increased in stature…

… continuing transition into retirement thoughts … Stature – now there’s a giggle. The transition has been lifelong – from the skinny, gawky unco-ordinated youth to what I overheard someone describing as that “round little man.”  It seems my stature increase has been outward in all the wrong places rather than upward. Daily moderate exerciseContinue reading “… increased in stature…”

…increased in wisdom…

… continuing thoughts on transition from full-time work to retirement. Even as I downsize the library I have collected and maintained over several decades of ministry, I contemplate how I will maintain an inquisitive and searching mind that is keen, not only to store information, but apply an accumulation of knowledge and experience in that uniqueContinue reading “…increased in wisdom…”

2018 – a time of transition begins

  Yes, this is the year that will see me cease earning and have Jenny and I living off savings for the rest of our natural life.   My life as an earner began as a skinny bespectacled 13 year old selling iced finger buns door to door in Adelaide’s northern suburbs. I would arise earlyContinue reading “2018 – a time of transition begins”

9 months!

That’s how long it has been since I’ve scrawled on this blog. Facebook and, to a lesser extent, Twitter, have seen more regular utterances during this time. Why? Perhaps a bit more immediate. I am usually reacting to or commenting on a stimulus that appears on social media. Blogging, for some unknown rationale in myContinue reading “9 months!”