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… continuing thoughts on transition from full-time work to retirement.

Even as I downsize the library I have collected and maintained over several decades of ministry, I contemplate how I will maintain an inquisitive and searching mind that is keen, not only to store information, but apply an accumulation of knowledge and experience in that unique formulation that approximates wisdom.

It’s not only the books, some of which today I snuck back having disposed of, but the memories, conversations and transformations to which they contribute, that make the continuing journey towards wisdom enticing.

It will be important to keep this going when I hang up my boots in June. I’m in three book groups now. I’ll keep going to two. I’ll keep abreast of reading in my focus area of spirituality, with an emphasis on the Christian tradition. I’ll sign up for an online course for something I’ve never done before.  I’ll maintain my practice as a Spiritual Director where I continue to learn so much from those I accompany. I’ll be open to speaking and workshop engagements should they fall my way. Indeed I’ll maintain an open stance to any possibility that arises.

In fact, perhaps the basis of wisdom is simply paying attention! May curiosity continue to be a sharp and active trait.