…increased in wisdom…

… continuing thoughts on transition from full-time work to retirement. Even as I downsize the library I have collected and maintained over several decades of ministry, I contemplate how I will maintain an inquisitive and searching mind that is keen, not only to store information, but apply an accumulation of knowledge and experience in that uniqueContinue reading “…increased in wisdom…”

On the ninth day of Christmas – Deep Wisdom

There is a deep wisdom behind the universe. It is beyond knowledge – knowing how things work. It is beyond mysticism – trusting how things work. Yet it involves and transcends both. In the Jewish and Christian traditions, this deep wisdom has a central focus. Hebrew tradition personifies wisdom as a woman practical and presentContinue reading “On the ninth day of Christmas – Deep Wisdom”

A 5 year old philosopher…

Not long after I came on the scene, the comic strip Dennis the Menace was launched and the song with the same title hit the top 40, mortifying my mother, who then wished she’d named me something else. The TV series followed, along with some memorable aphorisms, such as the one climaxing this exchange between Dennis andContinue reading “A 5 year old philosopher…”

Experience vs wisdom

Mahatma Ghandi was one of the first great philosophers to influence me. I was all of eight years old at the time. Another that had my adolescent brain ticking over was Søren Kierkegaard. Today’s aphorism comes courtesy of him, and though I don’t recall hearing this way back then, it resonates with a long held comprehensionContinue reading “Experience vs wisdom”

Wondering about Wisdom

For my edification, I am reading Stephen S Hall, Wisdom: from philosophy to neuroscience.(University of Queensland Press, 2010). As a science writer, the author is particularly keen to explore potential new insights provided by the emerging neurosciences without jettisoning  more conventional understandings of wisdom. In fact, he conjectures, wisdom is a phenomenon that cannot really be graspedContinue reading “Wondering about Wisdom”

We Three Kings of Orient Are…

… but not the magi of Bethlehem in Matthew 2:1-20! We don’t know how many there were – tradition varies from the popular three to the less known twelve. The magi are not described as “kings” – there are two kings in Matthews’s account – Herod and Jesus – and the nature of their respectiveContinue reading “We Three Kings of Orient Are…”