The Joy of Holy Week

  The celebratory feast of accomplishment described in Isaiah 25 is very suitable for an entry into Holy Week, which culminates in the Three Days of Easter (Triduum) that embrace the trial, crucifixion, entombment and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth who is also the Christ. Holy Week is confusing to many across the spectrum of ChristianContinue reading “The Joy of Holy Week”

Caught Out!

Exposure and shame, particularly in high places, draw us like a magnet. The media come out for a prolonged playtime and the population stands on the sidelines, tut-tutting and shaking their heads. The more we find out the more we want to know, so that we may feel justified in pouring more burning coals onContinue reading “Caught Out!”

St Valentine & Ash Wednesday – Synchronous?

Some have lamented the fact that St Valentines Day and Ash Wednesday share the same space this year. Simultaneously receiving chocolates and giving them up for Lent is doing a few folk’s heads in! Can there be anything in common with a feast celebrating romantic love and the commencement of a fast that confronts usContinue reading “St Valentine & Ash Wednesday – Synchronous?”

… increased in favour with God…

… continuing transition into retirement thoughts … Everyone thinks clergy have some secret hotline to God. How does a retiring one increase a state that is already deemed to be “perfect?”   Let’s lay that myth to rest. To borrow from D T Niles’ aphorism, I have always seen ministry as “one poor beggar sharing with another whereContinue reading “… increased in favour with God…”

… increased in stature…

… continuing transition into retirement thoughts … Stature – now there’s a giggle. The transition has been lifelong – from the skinny, gawky unco-ordinated youth to what I overheard someone describing as that “round little man.”  It seems my stature increase has been outward in all the wrong places rather than upward. Daily moderate exerciseContinue reading “… increased in stature…”