Lectionary Haiku 20 March 2022

Third Sunday in Lent “Know where your true nourishment comes from!” seems to be the theme running through today’s lections. Isaiah 55:1-9 No, not just waterbut wine, milk and sweet honeyfor those who know where ****************************** Psalm 63:1-8   Soul’s sanctuaryThere my strength will be renewedDwelling with my God! ****************************** 1 Corinthians 10:1-13 With Christ asContinue reading “Lectionary Haiku 20 March 2022”

Lectionary Haiku 19 March 2022

Today’s texts will appeal to passionate gardeners! Psalm 63:1-8 Dry and weary landCries out for drenching waterJust like my parched soul ************************** Isaiah 5:1-7 Passion poured out onThe vineyard that would not yieldPerhaps compost it. ************************* Luke 6:43-45 A gardener seesEach tree is known by its fruitGood and bad alike *************************

Lectionary Haiku 18 March 2022

Apocalyptic writings are full of hidden messages for troubled times. They are written to specific communities facing specific times of duress, but with an everlasting theme – no matter how devastating your experience, there is good reason for faith to endure. Psalm 63:1-8 I gaze on your goodNo matter how I’m worn downThis act sustainsContinue reading “Lectionary Haiku 18 March 2022”

Lectionary Haiku 17 March 2022

Each of today’s readings arises from contexts of acute awareness of danger. The Psalm is from David as a fugitive from Saul. The fiery furnace of Daniel and the missive in Revelation both speak of times of holding fast against persecution, both external and from our own thoughts within. Psalm 63:1-8 Outside all is bleakWithin,Continue reading “Lectionary Haiku 17 March 2022”

That strange in between time when Epiphany bursts forth

Some call it the silly season. Its those first few weeks of a southern hemisphere January. The office is quiet. I’m at work making use of the downtime from the regular weekly program to engage in some tidying up and planning for what must take place in my final six months here – and beyond. There isContinue reading “That strange in between time when Epiphany bursts forth”