Mild mannered retired cleric that I am, I have come to understand how much I am driven by anger. In my case it comes out in passive-aggressive stances that strive against thoughtless, disengaged or institutionalised incursions that thwart my altruistic efforts and directions. I have asked myself on more than one occasion whether my attractionContinue reading “Anger”

… to boldly go…

#Bloganuary Writing Prompt: What does it mean to live boldly? Star Trek memes abounding; different voices sounding;To live boldly is to step into the unknown – for those grafted to perfection, dare to be marred:for those winning affection, dare to say no:for those wedded to success, dare to fail:for those striving to be special, dareContinue reading “… to boldly go…”

… increased in human favour..

continuing transition to retirement Seeking human favour always carried amber warning lights in my ministerial formation. We’ve seen too many examples of fall from grace in the political arena – and church leadership ain’t far from politics! Yet Luke’s gospel speaks approvingly of Jesus increasing in human favour. As an Enneagram Six, I am naturallyContinue reading “… increased in human favour..”

The Enneagram – my take

I’ve just linked to Dave’s Enneagram Blog. Since the early 1980s I have been fascinated with the enneagram system, used primarily for identifying and exploring personality styles in both secular and Christian spiritual direction circles. There are many instruments out there for identifying temperament behaviour in vocational, management and therapeutic settings, some better known than others. The danger of all such instruments isContinue reading “The Enneagram – my take”