Mild mannered retired cleric that I am, I have come to understand how much I am driven by anger. In my case it comes out in passive-aggressive stances that strive against thoughtless, disengaged or institutionalised incursions that thwart my altruistic efforts and directions. I have asked myself on more than one occasion whether my attractionContinue reading “Anger”

Mythic realities

When we avoid the popular notion of myth as a fairytale and understand it as a means for accessing deep universal meaning that can only be conveyed in symbol and story, we are getting closer to truth. When confronted with the world’s chaos and violence and ask “What does it all mean?” and we doggedly searchContinue reading “Mythic realities”

Mercy from the inner womb

Healthy are they who from the inner womb birth forth compassion, they shall feel its warm arms embracing them. (Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy) Mercy is often depicted as the grudging letting go of rightful retribution or discipline for a wrong, along the lines of “OK, I’ll let you off thisContinue reading “Mercy from the inner womb”