At the age of 99…

… if one is a denizen of the British Commonwealth, one might begin to expect that one may be soon on the way to receiving a message of congratulations from Buckingham Palace. You’ve hit the ton! Life is complete as you turn the century. Abraham got covenant. And his wife, Sarah, was caught up withContinue reading “At the age of 99…”

Mythic realities

When we avoid the popular notion of myth as a fairytale and understand it as a means for accessing¬†deep universal meaning that can only be conveyed in symbol and story, we are getting closer to truth. When confronted with the world’s chaos and violence and ask “What does it all mean?” and we doggedly searchContinue reading “Mythic realities”

From arks to arcs

Our daily texts from Revised Common Lectionary are leading into the Season of Lent, commencing this Wednesday. Genesis 9:8-17 is the climactic postlude of the Noah story, where the ancient principle of covenant is introduced. The ark takes its place as a primary point in the Hebrew view of the “arc of the moral universe.”¬†Continue reading “From arks to arcs”