The department store era is over

The department store era is over. Hmmm. Started off in the electroplating industry when everyone wanted there stuff chromed. That era has gone. Moved into department store retail,  and the end of this era is now pronounced. But I was only there a short while before training for my life’s work – local church ministryContinue reading “The department store era is over”

Wembley Downs shops. Signs of things to come…?

  One year and one month after the fire that took out our local shops, and 13 months after expressions of an anticipated rebuilding and re-opening for this Christmas, the site is looking pretty bleak. The tremendous welling of community support and comfort for those who had lost livelihoods and a community meeting place haveContinue reading “Wembley Downs shops. Signs of things to come…?”

Burn after Reading: Review

Well, it’s a Coen Brothers production, and that generally means it will be different. I went along to this with heart in mouth because we had recommended it as a high school chaplaincy fund-raiser. Many of the people I was with were senior genteel church folk, and, since booking the theatre, intelligence was coming inContinue reading “Burn after Reading: Review”

Wall Street – bankruptcy over bailout

OK, having owned up to my own sense of economic bewilderment and yet a gut feeling that congress made the right decision when it denied a $700 billion bailout, I’ve found an article that makes sense to me. (Click here). It clearly advocates bankruptcy over bailout.  I think it’s right because it’s an honest acknowledgement ofContinue reading “Wall Street – bankruptcy over bailout”

Movie Dipping

How could two films be so different yet so similar? I saw them randomly and almost back to back (give or take a week or two). Both drama/comedies, both dealing with the paradoxical art and escapism of cinema, both unconsciously aware that the “acting out” before the camera mirrored the real life dramas of theContinue reading “Movie Dipping”