Compulsory Income Management

This morning’s article in Eureka Street scratches an irritating itch. On behalf of my local church, I receive occasional calls to help out families on hard times. My training has me quickly assessing the level of need, its genuineness and the appropriate response. Often it’s the choice between organising a food parcel or accompanying theContinue reading “Compulsory Income Management”

Economic Rationalism – A Radical Reading of the Parable of the Talents

See Matthew 25:14-30. Never liked this one much – probably because as a self-perceived “one talent” person I have always seen the third guy as hardly done by. But what if we read the story differently from the traditional morality tale, “protestant work ethic” approach? What if we heard this story through the ears ofContinue reading “Economic Rationalism – A Radical Reading of the Parable of the Talents”

Wall Street – bankruptcy over bailout

OK, having owned up to my own sense of economic bewilderment and yet a gut feeling that congress made the right decision when it denied a $700 billion bailout, I’ve found an article that makes sense to me. (Click here). It clearly advocates bankruptcy over bailout.  I think it’s right because it’s an honest acknowledgement ofContinue reading “Wall Street – bankruptcy over bailout”