In Between Times

I’m at work in the church study. It is eerily quiet on a day that would normally be abuzz – the rooms full of people going about their art and craft activities, sharing stories, encouraging, commiserating, inspiring. This is an “in-between” time – a space of silence affording me time to do a little extraContinue reading “In Between Times”

Lenten Voices: Dogma vs Grace

Novelist Peter De Vries recalled his religious upbringing thus: “We went to church five times a week, three times on Sunday; I wasn’t allowed to play ball on Sunday. We were force-fed a lot of doctrine. The two main beliefs were in the total depravity of man and the divine grace of God. I onlyContinue reading “Lenten Voices: Dogma vs Grace”

Lent: Wrestling with the notion of Original Sin

Here is the golden text on which the doctrine of original sin is based. Romans 5:12-19 Paul argues that as sin came into the world through Adam, tainting us all, so this tragic state of affairs is reversed through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus (the second Adam). This is the result of allContinue reading “Lent: Wrestling with the notion of Original Sin”