Public Freaking vs Public Speaking

#Bloganuary Writing Prompt: A Challenge You Faced and Overcame Pimpled and bespectacled, I stood before the class“One minute speech,” he said, “if you expect to pass.”Butterflies a-flutter, my propensity to stutter,Prevented speech, for only nonsense I could splutter. “Sit down, Ryle,” he commanded with disdain,“Another turn will come, if marks you wish to gain.”Red-faced andContinue reading “Public Freaking vs Public Speaking”

Angel wrestling – which hold is best?

How to wrestle an angel – Eureka Street. I love both these poems – especially the second one. In my humble opinion, theology is better expressed through poetry than propositional debate. It takes us to that place in human experience that is beyond, but not dismissive of rational thought. We should read more poetry. MaybeContinue reading “Angel wrestling – which hold is best?”