Shrinking Pinocchio’s Nose

Bloganuary asks “What’s a lie you tell yourself?” Old taunting voices have been gagged into silenceNo longer do they hold me in utter reliance“You’re feeble, not smart, you don’t cut the mustard,Look at you now – you’re getting all flustered!” I ceded them rightness for some little while‘Til following a Way helped develop my styleSo thoseContinue reading “Shrinking Pinocchio’s Nose”

What chore do you find most challenging?

What chore do I find most challenging?Right now it’s responding to this question!Each day this month I hang on tightFor when Bloganuary prompts next session. Eight PM rolls ’round each dayAnd I hang on tight to my seatWill the prompt be fair? Will it stretch me tight?Will I taste sweet victory or smell foul defeat?Continue reading “What chore do you find most challenging?”

Let’s try a Sonnet

When one feels the urge to writeYet thoughts refuse to formAnd sense retires in spite,One takes such as the normAnd lifts the pen in hopeOf catching what flies byWhile making wide one’s scopeAnd snaring what is nigh. And so a poem is bornRaw and gasping for airLying lost and forlornSeeking to avoid despairBut now it’sContinue reading “Let’s try a Sonnet”

Thinking Inside The Box!

The second attempt at today’s Worldle took me to La Tête Carrée Library, Nice, France. It has four stories of offices and three stories of library shelves. The lion had no courageThe tinman had no heartThe scarecrow had no thinking headBut dreamed of being smart If only the road of yellow bricksPassed through the cityContinue reading “Thinking Inside The Box!”

Phantoms of the Night

Writing poetry in the middle of the night because reflux is keeping you awake has its nuances, especially when you are on retreat with several mutual mentors who are also therapists! Here’s the poem:Phantoms of the nightGather around my bedWhispering anxieties and “what ifs”They scoff at my commands of dismissalSo perhaps I should befriend them“NoContinue reading “Phantoms of the Night”