Fireworks, eskies and reconciliation…

Our national day celebrations often generate discussion within our small congregation. Yesterday’s take on Jonah the Bogan was one attempt to address the tensions between celebrating national pride and accountability to something wider, bigger and deeper. One of our Elders, Steve Mellor, has granted permission to reprint his article from this week’s church newsletter: OnContinue reading “Fireworks, eskies and reconciliation…”

Once upon a time in multicultural Australia – Eureka Street

As our much feted and controversial national day approaches, it is good to read thoughtful, reflective pieces on our collective and individual struggles with national identity.As usual, Australia’s more recent arrivals have much to teach us. Identity is discovered through involvement.: Once upon a time in multicultural Australia – Eureka Street.

We acknowledge Aboriginal Australia

Today I join many others in saluting the first nations of our land. An excellent coloured poster size map (small or large) depicting the language, tribal and nation groups of Australian Indigenous peoples is available for purchase from the Australian Institute of Aborigine and Torres Strait Islander Studies. The map does not claim precision, butContinue reading “We acknowledge Aboriginal Australia”