An Open Letter to the People of Australia

Sometimes, when one is greeted by a plethora of email messages in the morning, a particular message stands out and one feels that a kairos moment has just brushed by. This morning was such an occasion and I share it with you: Good morning, Please find attached a joint statement to the people of AustraliaContinue reading “An Open Letter to the People of Australia”

The Lobby & The Tent Embassy

I visited the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra in 1982 – its presence was about ten years old then, and it was generating considerable angst in the orderly scene that is public service Canberra. My errand was to return an address/appointment book I had picked up in the street. It  belonged to one of theContinue reading “The Lobby & The Tent Embassy”

Fireworks, eskies and reconciliation…

Our national day celebrations often generate discussion within our small congregation. Yesterday’s take on Jonah the Bogan was one attempt to address the tensions between celebrating national pride and accountability to something wider, bigger and deeper. One of our Elders, Steve Mellor, has granted permission to reprint his article from this week’s church newsletter: OnContinue reading “Fireworks, eskies and reconciliation…”

Indigenous Australians taking the next step – Eureka Street

Indigenous Australians taking the next step – Eureka Street. Continuing reflections on NAIDOC week, this article describes a personal odyssey that reminds me very much of the ‘listening journey’ myself and some others undertook in the same region three years ago. Resilience and optimism against the background of the challenges of cultural deprivation and restorationContinue reading “Indigenous Australians taking the next step – Eureka Street”

When saying and hearing “sorry” is hard work…

‘We need to forgive and be forgiven, every day, every hour — unceasingly. That is the great work of love among the fellowship of the weak that is the human family.’ Henri Nouwen Today is Sorry Day, which now commemorates and builds on the 2008 parliamentary apology to Australia’s indigenous people for past policies thatContinue reading “When saying and hearing “sorry” is hard work…”

Street party or PeaceChurch – why not both?

Both happen once in a blue moon. Must be a blue moon tonight ‘cos they clash. Our street Christmas party is late because this is the first Sunday we’re all here at the same time – yep, since Christmas 2010! PeaceChurch happens when we have something significant to process and that was scheduled for tonightContinue reading “Street party or PeaceChurch – why not both?”

It’s now three years since saying sorry…

What has it meant? If it has been a grudging acknowledgement in order to relieve the pressure of a collective nagging and vague sense of guilt, not much at all. If it has been an empty vocalisation in order to finally silence, irritating and scolding voices we’d rather not hear – then zilch. If itContinue reading “It’s now three years since saying sorry…”