An Open Letter to the People of Australia

Sometimes, when one is greeted by a plethora of email messages in the morning, a particular message stands out and one feels that a kairos moment has just brushed by. This morning was such an occasion and I share it with you: Good morning, Please find attached a joint statement to the people of AustraliaContinue reading “An Open Letter to the People of Australia”

It’s now three years since saying sorry…

What has it meant? If it has been a grudging acknowledgement in order to relieve the pressure of a collective nagging and vague sense of guilt, not much at all. If it has been an empty vocalisation in order to finally silence, irritating and scolding voices we’d rather not hear – then zilch. If itContinue reading “It’s now three years since saying sorry…”

Saying sorry – the continuing journey

The third anniversary of the Australian government’s Apology to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is rapidly approaching (13th February). What of substance has occurred since then? A bi-partisan response to the audit presented to federal parliament this week, Closing the Gap, revealed some challenges, unfulfilled intentions and a degree of frustration on all sides.Continue reading “Saying sorry – the continuing journey”

“Australia” the Movie – Kitsch or Epic?

No doubt about it – this reviewer has mixed reactions to Australia, the movie. The characters and plot devices are exaggerated caricatures of all that has been classic in cinematography and depictions of this land. At one level it comes across as a kind of “Gone with the Wind Down Under” – and in the meantimeContinue reading ““Australia” the Movie – Kitsch or Epic?”