Divergent at Easter

Matthew 27:11-31 is loaded with drama. Jesus stands silently before Pontius Pilate – both men are under judgement. Where will the gavel fall in favor – maintenance of the status quo, control and order; or the brazen, divergent reign of the Prince of Peace, a reign that is not of the current scheme of things? DivergentContinue reading “Divergent at Easter”

The Sapphires – a response

Cummeragunja Mission has an esteemed place in Australian Churches of Christ history. It was the place of birth and nurture of Sir Pastor Doug Nicholls, an eminent Aboriginal reformer and church leader and, eventually, State Governor of South Australia. Cummeragunja was also a byword for the dire conditions which led to the walkout and strike that wasContinue reading “The Sapphires – a response”

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen – fishes & faith

A wealthy sheikh decides on a visionary project that would be of benefit to his people (not to mention front door access to  his favourite British sport). Having already built a dam for irrigation, he would now like to stock it with salmon for fly fishing. Money is no obstacle, only the initial stubbornness of a narrowlyContinue reading “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen – fishes & faith”

A Dangerous Method and Synchronicities

As long suffering readers of this blog may know, I am fascinated with synchronicities (aka “co-incidences”), so off I hied myself to see “A Dangerous Method“, a movie on the early professional life of the guru of synchronicity, Dr Carl Jung. I found the movie somewhat dis-satisfying, although I appreciated the exploration of his relationshipContinue reading “A Dangerous Method and Synchronicities”

The Hunger Games, Girard and the Cross

I succumbed and took in “The Hunger Games” at the local multiplex  – a greybeard amongst herds of youth. The screenplay is the first of several based on a popular teenage trilogy surpassing, it is trumpeted, the Harry Potter and Twilight series. Eschewing magic tricks and supernatural themes, it paints a picture of a post-apocalypticContinue reading “The Hunger Games, Girard and the Cross”

Is it ever OK to humanise notorious figures?

The twin cinematic retrospectives on the careers of Hoover and Thatcher, both notorious conservatives that packed a lot of clout in recent Western history, invite this question. Today’s article at Eureka Street, Humanising Hoover and Thatcher – Eureka Street, takes rather a dim view of the practice. I wonder though. As one privileged to workContinue reading “Is it ever OK to humanise notorious figures?”

The Iron Lady – a Greek Tragedy

Some have criticised this film because of an “undue focus” of the Thatcher years through her latter life dementia. I thought it aptly portrayed how ardent idealism (whether it be on the conservative or revolutionary side of politics) can alienate ourselves not only from those closest to us, but ultimately from ourselves. It cast aContinue reading “The Iron Lady – a Greek Tragedy”

We bought a zoo – movie review

Couple’s choice tonight – and we agreed on this one as ‘The Iron Lady’ was booked out. It has something for everyone – animals for the kids, teenage angst for the tweeners, and romance with lots of silent, knowing exchanges between the star turns. I desperately looked for something deep and meaningful but in theContinue reading “We bought a zoo – movie review”

Film Review: The Ides of March

Free spirit that I am, I took some time out for a cinema fix after a busy week. Mrs WP was otherwise occupied, so it was a lone choice, and it boiled down to either The Iron Lady or The Ides of March. What a dilemma! Both portray political dramas and the machinations behind the scenesContinue reading “Film Review: The Ides of March”

Nostalgia – a good place to visit but would you want to live there?

Mrs Wondering Pilgrim and I are just back from a night out at the local multiplex. With a birthday just around the corner, we thought it a good idea to use a Gold Class gift voucher and enjoy some special cuisine while we luxuriated in some plush recliners. With this sort of setup, one selectsContinue reading “Nostalgia – a good place to visit but would you want to live there?”