A Dangerous Method and Synchronicities

As long suffering readers of this blog may know, I am fascinated with synchronicities (aka “co-incidences”), so off I hied myself to see “A Dangerous Method“, a movie on the early professional life of the guru of synchronicity, Dr Carl Jung. I found the movie somewhat dis-satisfying, although I appreciated the exploration of his relationshipContinue reading “A Dangerous Method and Synchronicities”

WordPress smiles upon me…

How good is this? The only day I couldn’t post because of no access to ISP server at my end, I post a retrospective post today – daring postaday2011  to include it without penalty – then, while reading my email backlog, I come across this unsolicited gift of grace from WordPress… Everyone gets a passContinue reading “WordPress smiles upon me…”

Synchronicity strikes again!

I was at a planning meeting today where the lyrics of this song were posited as evidence of the contemporary individual’s inner search for meaning (“Wake me up inside”). At the end of the day, when I opened my e-mail, there were the same lyrics in a message from halfway around the world, part ofContinue reading “Synchronicity strikes again!”

Saying What I Mean

This has always been a challenge – finding the words to say what my mind is churning over at a very rapid rate! This is when it’s so easy to lapse into jargon. And the reason I’m thinking about this is because of another strange conjunction of several episodes today – another instance of synchronicityContinue reading “Saying What I Mean”

Catching Up and Synchronicity

One can’t go away for five days, then return and just take up where one left off, it seems. Life moves on while you’re gone, the “in-tray” gets higher and then you have to spend several days playing catch-up. So fret not, o blogger-philes, all is well and I have returned! I am wondering howContinue reading “Catching Up and Synchronicity”