If Darwin Prayed – Evolutionary spirituality and the path of Christ — Prayers for Evolutionary Mystics

Looking forward to meeting the author, Bruce Sanguin, as he conducts a workshop at Dayspring, Saturday March 5th, and service and forum the next day at Wembley Downs Uniting Church. In the prologue of “If Darwin Prayed” he writes: My concern, however, is not with the fundamentalist strain of Christianity. Rather, it is with theContinue reading “If Darwin Prayed – Evolutionary spirituality and the path of Christ — Prayers for Evolutionary Mystics”

The real deal

Here’s a prayer book with a difference – it certainly arrested my attention. It’s called “Common Prayer: a liturgy for ordinary radicals” and you can see a daily on line version at http://commonprayer.net/ An excerpt from today’s offering demonstrates the true meaning of radical (“from the root”) Frederick Douglass [1818-1895] wrote in his autobiography, “Between theContinue reading “The real deal”

Labyrinth – a pathway to encounter with God.

A bit slack today – installed new church PA system and laid down a labyrinth in the church forecourt. What is a labyrinth? For many it conjures images of the Minotaur of ancient Crete – half man and half bull, consuming young Greek captives left to wander in a maze of dark undergoround tunnels.  WhileContinue reading “Labyrinth – a pathway to encounter with God.”

Book Review – The Shack

Author: William P Young, Windblown Media, 2007 After more than thirty years of trying to come to grips with an adequate articulation of an intellectual understanding of the Trinity, this book has finally convinced me that it can’t be done! No wonder the biblical writers avoided anything like the “T” word with its propensity forContinue reading “Book Review – The Shack”

Sorry Day Eve

Tomorrow is a historic day for Australia. At long last, after much political soul searching and hand wringing, Federal Parliament, through its new Prime Minister, will say the word “sorry” to this land’s first peoples. In this context “sorry” is a power word. It has strong potential for unblocking the process for healing and self-realisation,Continue reading “Sorry Day Eve”

Reflection on an unexpected adrenalin rush

Up until mid afternoon, the greatest drama today was discovering my car’s cooling system overflowing with oil. I managed to nurse it over to the local service centre, just across from where we live, and was discussing it outside with the bloke there when all hell broke loose. A man went charging past us withContinue reading “Reflection on an unexpected adrenalin rush”

Four days away

Sunday Lectio – reading the signs. Cold sores, conjunctivitis, and mild depression reassured me that I was long overdue for some down time. In spite of (or maybe because of) reaching some heart-felt goals, I had been feeling rundown and lethargic for a few weeks. I booked a cabin at Dwellingup, an old wood-cutting communityContinue reading “Four days away”