Musing on Writer’s Block

Here we are 3/4 of the way through the year of postaday2011 and I’m hit with a severe case of writers’ block. The conventional wisdom is that you sit down and write anyway, even if it is about nothing. Apparently the discipline of so acting is supposed to “release the cork” and wonderfully creative proseContinue reading “Musing on Writer’s Block”

Distraction Free Writing | The Daily Post at

WordPress, the patron of those of us who consented to be locked into writing something on our blogs everyday for 2011, suggests a range of tools that help prevent being disturbed while writing:┬áDistraction Free Writing | The Daily Post at I confess my distractions are not of the nature described in the article –Continue reading “Distraction Free Writing | The Daily Post at”

Reflecting on Postaday2011

Let’s blog on blogging. Day eighty of meeting the WordPress “write a post a day” challenge has so far left me unphased. Sure there are times I’ve had to scratch around a bit to find something to write about, but, even on the deadline, something has usually appeared, even if quite innocuous. Surprisingly, the statsContinue reading “Reflecting on Postaday2011”