Sunset at Burns Beach

Bloganuary does have a final question as it slowly sinks in the West: “Where is the best place to watch the sunset near you?” Free to share and use courtesy of A picture is worth a thousand words. Perth nestles on the west-facing coastline that defines the border of Western Australia and the Indian Ocean.Continue reading “Sunset at Burns Beach”


With eerie premonition, Bloganuary’s final question is “What would you title the chapters of your autobiography?” With Bloganuary’s first question about what I was hoping to achieve this year, I answered vaguely and ambiguously about improving my writing across several genres. Behind this, I have been wondering how to respond to a request to write myContinue reading “Constellations”


Bloganuary probes and asks, “What is something you learned recently?” To speak of what I learned todayI’m not at liberty to discloseFor such occurs in many a wayIt comes with the territory, I s’pose. For I’m a hearer of storiesWhispered from places deep‘Tis a privilege to receive themand in safety and silence keep. Many a dayContinue reading “Stories”

A curmudgeon and his cake

Bloganuary demands, “Describe your perfect birthday cake.” Another trip around the sun?Another year’s journey just begun?Another cake to mark the occasion?– I find it hard to raise the passion! Clown face cakes with lots of icingAdventure themes destroyed when slicingThese were part of long ago youthTo think of such now seems uncouth. A perfect cake nowContinue reading “A curmudgeon and his cake”

Wait a while

Explain the pros and cons of procrastination.Such state seems to cause some consternationFor those who are anxious to see some actionAnd who want to see their work get some traction Pros allow time for proper discernmentShifting some tasks to a sound defermentPreventing the job from decisions rashThus changing the design into so much trash ConsContinue reading “Wait a while”

Tongues of Angels

Bloganuary asks “What language do you wish you could speak?” Having dabbled in Latin, Koine Greek, French and a smattering of Hebrew and Arabic – even a light touch of Shona, Ndebele and Hindi, (and some of our own local indigenous words – Nungyar.) I rather wish I was better acquainted with my own language (theContinue reading “Tongues of Angels”

Music that takes us Beyond

Bloganuary invites us to write about a song or poem that speaks to us: I heard this on ABC Classic about six months ago. It has haunted me ever since – in a restful, peaceful manner. It is not an earworm like those that occasionally cling to my consciousness from my range of otherwise eclecticContinue reading “Music that takes us Beyond”

To Be

And so they ask “How do you show love?” Is this question academic or particular?Foundational or extracurricular?This was an issue of struggle for meUntil I discovered the answer “To Be!” Full “being” creates a hospitable spaceFor others to flourish and discover their paceI find inspiration from a living slain LambThe one who’s amongst us asContinue reading “To Be”

Shrinking Pinocchio’s Nose

Bloganuary asks “What’s a lie you tell yourself?” Old taunting voices have been gagged into silenceNo longer do they hold me in utter reliance“You’re feeble, not smart, you don’t cut the mustard,Look at you now – you’re getting all flustered!” I ceded them rightness for some little while‘Til following a Way helped develop my styleSo thoseContinue reading “Shrinking Pinocchio’s Nose”